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The area

We are in Emilia Romagna, the Italian region famous for its culinary tradition, but it offers much more. It is the native land of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the brilliant founder of this brand.

Land renowned for its food, women and cars! Land of artists such as Guercino, Stefano Galletti and Vasco Fortini. An ancient land linked to the agrarian tradition of the Partecipanza Agraria of Cento and Pieve di Cento, an oldest form of collective ownership which started in the Medieval Age.
A land of Saints: Saint Ferdinand Bacillieri , Saint Elia Facchini and Beata Clelia Barbieri.
Land of Castles: Castle of Torre Spada, Castle of Giovannina, Castle of Galeazza, Castle Estense of Ferrara. Alongside the great names of International historical importance, the area offers greats events such as the famous Carnival of Cento and a wide variety of local seasonal festivals.

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